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Diabetes in Pregnancy – Ruby Hunter Project


2008 The Ruby Hunter Project: Marea Ryan CEO and Ruby Hunter were working together with the aim to ensure safe donor breast milk would be available to mothers who experience Diabetes during their pregnancy.  Mother’s own milk supply is delayed due to the disease itself, and a baby needs extra breast milk to prevent complications of this disease.

Ruby and Marea greatly value the worth of unifying all communities to work together. To this end planned education through music and songs with concerts to reach all. Sadly Ruby passed away suddenly in February 2010. With the blessing of Ruby Hunter’s family and her life, long partner Archie Roach, the Diabetes project has been named in Ruby’s honour.

2015 In order to honour Ruby Hunter and her heartfelt support for the Mothers Milk Bank Charity, artists have come together to continue the work Ruby started. This continued work to educate parents on the need to be prepared for the arrival of their baby is ongoing.

2019 Mothers Milk Bank received sponsorship and have partnered with a new community Australian Breast Milk Bank. New technology developed by the team at the Australian Breast Milk Bank will be available in 2020.  We will have ante natal packs of pure freeze dried breast milk.

(31 OCTOBER 1955 ·17TH FEBRUARY 2010)
Author/ actor/singer/songwriter/guitarist & a beautiful kind Australian Aboriginal woman.

Ruby Hunter & Archie Roach became life, long kindred spirits who overcame great hardship, survived the stolen generations.


A partnership forged in story telling through music & song.

In order to continue to educate the communities of this very exciting news, the artists supporting the legacy of the Ruby Hunter joined with Marea Ryan (MMBC) & Kevin Condon (ABMB) to travel to western NSW, accepting an invitation from Bruce and Trish Shillingsworth to join the YAAMA NGUUNA BAAKA Corroboree Festival The corroboree highlighted the urgent need to find a way to return water to the rivers and the urgent need for pure safe breast milk to be available to all babies identified in need.

Travelling though the communities of western NSW gave Marea Ryan the opportunity to connect with health care providers, listen to their stories and form connections.


10 years on the legacy of Ruby Hunter will see all communities for the first time have access to our new “Just in case” bridging milk freeze dried breast milk pack. Protecting all babies in the first week of life from the effects of diabetes. Congratulations to the new community Australian Breast Milk Bank for developing the technology.


The Mothers’ Milk Bank artists whose song ‘Save the Rivers’ was written on country during the corroboree have donated the proceeds of each sale $2 to the Diabetes of Pregnancy - Ruby Hunter Project.

Education of artists by Marea Ryan (Portrait Photographer) has seen numerous national and international artists lending their support by signing portraits to be sold. Proceeds from the sales of portraits will be donated to the Mothers Milk Bank Charity.

Featuring: Marcia Howard, Nadia Sunde, Zardi
Contributors: Eleanor Clapham, John Sutton, Liam Gubbins, Isaac Barter

Ruby Hunter & Archie Roach Signed Portrait


A special one off portrait by Marea of Ruby Hunter & Archie Roach was signed in 2009 at the East Coast Blues and Roots Festival, Byron Bay and given to the Mothers Milk Bank Charity. In the portrait will be raffled to help raise funding, along with a promotional concert to support the "Ruby Hunter" project.


The Ruby Hunter project has the blessing of Archie Roach, Ruby Hunter’s family & the Mothers Milk Bank Charity is now officially partnered with the Ruby Hunter foundation.


Marea has a private collection of one off portraits signed by artists in support of the Mothers Milk Bank Charity and will become available for auction in 2016 to help raise funds for the “Ruby Hunter project”

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