Each pack contains 5 feeds to give you peace of mind and to cover you until your milk is established.


Human milk provides optimal nutrition, promotes normal growth and development, and reduces the risk of illness and disease. The unique composition of human milk, which includes nutrients, enzymes, growth factors, hormones and immunologic and anti-inflammatory properties, has not been duplicated.


Mothers Milk Bank Carity, giving you the healthy and happiest baby on the block!

First Feed Five pack

  • We are a non for profit charity so when you receive breastmilk from our shop or when using a voucher to purchase it, you are paying for the processing only, the breastmilk itself is free.. so any funds spent over $2 are completely tax deductible.

  • Delivery time when milk has been processed two to three working days. When milk requires processing 4-5 working days.

    The $20 per bottle covers processing of the donated breastmilk only. $30 Flat Fee delivery.  You can also pick your order at no cost from Mothers Milk Bank at D12 -1 Eastern Avenue, Airport Central, Bilinga, Qld 4225 if you live in the area. (due to increased collection and processing costs related to Covid-19 there is price increase to $20 per 100ml bottle)