Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Summer is finally upon at the end of the strangest year we have all experienced. Thankfully your babies will be totally unaware of what has been happening.

What they will be aware of though is the heat. The holiday season is hot in Australia so your baby needs to be cool, comfortable and well hydrated.

One of the hardest things to do is trusting in the fact that you need to take clothing off your baby rather than adding more.

Babies are very happy in just a nappy at home so leave the dressing up for special occasions or whenever the weather is a little cooler.

Muslin wraps are perfect for our summer heat and humidity. All your baby needs is a nappy on and to be wrapped in a muslin wrap. If more covering is needed, another muslin wrap can be used as the sheet on top. Small babies in particular still like to feel snuggled.

Be careful with covering the pram with anything as it can reduce air circulating and risks overheating your baby. You should also be able to see your baby at all times while in a pram or stroller.

Put a hat on your baby as soon as you can before it becomes a game for him to take it off and throw it out of the stroller. You’ll be surprised at how many you lose and how much he enjoys the game!

If the back of baby’s head is damp, he is hot. Use a fan to circulate the air around your baby especially if you use a clear silicone bassinette (which are brilliant and handy but don’t allow airflow). Your baby will not get a chill or a cold from the fan or from air conditioning, only a virus gives your baby a cold.

Anytime you feel the baby is too cool, just layer with another cover on top of the baby. This is certainly one of the times you never need to wake your baby to put more clothing on! Blowing a fan over your baby also keeps the mozzies from landing on them!

Breastfeed babies need a lot of fluids and amazingly your breast milk adapts in volume and characteristics for the frequent feeding babies need throughout the hot weather.

The good news is that babies under the age of six months don’t need boiled water or any other fluid except breast milk. Phew, saves time for you as well!

We are working over the holidays and have breast milk for you all over Australia. We have milk ready for you at the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide so if you need donor milk for any reason over the holidays call us!!

We at Mothers’ Milk Bank Charity wish you a happy safe and healthy Christmas and holiday season.
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