Helping Families Grow with Donor Milk

Over the years Mothers’ Milk Bank Charity has had much delight in helping intending parents to be and surrogate mothers receive milk from the Charity either as partial or total breast milk feeds.

Our connection with Growing Families was strengthened recently through our participation in a national conference. Lynne Hall showcased our ability to provide breast milk for surrogates and intended parents without concerns about supply for them from us.

As requested by the conference organiser, she talked through inducing lactation and the use of a supply lines using donor milk.

The Charity is working a plan to pay it forward to organisations that support foster families. This can work if parents in the Growing Families community spread the word to encourage any surrogate, informal milk donor or anyone they know who breastfeeds to donate their extra breast milk to us. In return, the Charity will earmark this milk so any of their own members never miss out as well as using their milk for babies and young children needing breast milk in foster care.

During the conference, two donors sent through messages saying they would ask their friends and mothers they knew in Western Australia wanting to donate.

Lynne will also have the same opportunity to talk about the Charity and it’s work at the second conference coming up which is geared towards international surrogates and intended families.

by Lynne Hall - Endorsed Midwife, IBCLC, RN, MN (Ed)

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