Clinical Innovations Heroes of 2020 - Marea Ryan

The Heroes of 2020 Advent Calendar is now live! Each day leading up to Christmas we will be sharing an inspiring story of our participant's achievements.

December 1 is dedicated to Marea Ryan, Founder & CEO of Mothers Milk Bank Charity in Australia. It all started in 2005 when funds were raised by the community to provide a baby named “Ty” with pasteurized donor mothers milk. Ty’s mother had a medical condition that resulted in milk expression of only 30mls a day. Ty was given every cow’s milk formula but experienced pain and vomited each feed. Providing safe donor breast milk for babies in such need was evident. Marea established a purpose-built milk bank facility in 2009 and with the extensive support from all sections of the community has seen donor mothers’ milk save lives and improve health outcomes for over a thousand babies. In 2013 the Mothers Milk Bank was registered as a “Health Promotion” Charity in Queensland, Australia.

The charity's purpose is to provide education and support to families and supply pasteurized donor mothers milk to babies, whose nutritional health needs are not being met. All babies have a right to healthy food and ONLY breast milk can do this. Please join us to thank Marea and her team for their tireless work to support vulnerable babies in need. You can also view our online Advent Calendar here: #Heroesof2020 #ClinicalInnovations #forMomforBabyforLife

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