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We are looking for midwives to create a strong professional network to better support mothers’ breastfeed or provide breast milk to protect the health and lives of their newborn infants.

We would love to discuss how working with us can save and definitely improve the short and long term health of newborn infants.

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Why we need helping finding donors.

Simply because the more donor breast milk we process the more families we can help!

Maintaining milk volume means we can guarantee a supply of Bridging Milk© to:

• families needing extra breast milk to supplement breastfeeding or breast milk supplies for whatever reason

• to provide breast milk as the total optimal nutrition for the infant or young child in their care.

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Sharing the aims of our team of health professionals.

We can tell you how our team of midwives, lactation consultants, and some of Australia’s top scientists, are working tirelessly to revolutionise the way breast milk banking is conducted throughout the world.


to significantly increase the equity of access to safe donor breast milk for any mother, carer or family wanting donor breast milk regardless of the situation for the infant or young child in their care.


to reverse Australia’s alarmingly low breastfeeding rates by enabling affordable access to our freeze-dried ‘Bridging Milk© which provides safe donor breast milk instead of formula for whatever reason, while a mother initiates and establishes her own milk supply.


to provide truly affordable alternatives to hospitals to replace all cow milk based formulations with our 100% pure ‘‘Bridging Milk©


The scope of the challenge. 

Only around 5% of babies arrive on their due date. Premature birth can especially impact the initiation and establishing of a mothers’ milk supply. In fact up to 100,000 new Australian mothers and parents a year, need donor human milk to bridge the gap during this time.

Currently, our hospitals in the relevant state health systems restrict access to safe pasteurised donor milk only to around 4,000 of the 100,000 babies who meet the eligibility criteria – born less than 32 weeks gestation.

So, 96,000 miss out, maybe more!

For too long cow milk formulations have been the only alternatives to breast milk. It is time to change this with the known risks they represent to the health and lives of 1 in 12 (8%) of newborns!


With your help, we can change this.

Stories from mum's in need...

Louise’s story


Waiting for surgery is an anxious wait for anyone but especially for a mother who is breastfeeding who knows she doesn’t have enough stored breast milk for her baby while she’s in hospital.


Louise spoke to us from hospital to say she needed some donor milk urgently. Surgery had been cancelled twice and she was struggling to express with very little fluid replacement because she was put on and taken off the theatre list daily. As a result not only was Louise in pain but really struggling to produce any breast milk from the double breast pump she was using regularly.


Her partner and her mother were at home struggling to manage the bottle-feeding. We made some suggestions to help them with feeding and settling her baby that she later said, had helped a lot.


MMBC was able to mobilise a supply to Louise very quickly and delivered the milk to her home. She ordered enough milk to manage her post-operative recovery knowing her baby couldn’t come into the hospital. There is a happy ending to this story, the baby didn’t’ need formula, Louise is home and recovering well and breastfeeding again.

Mother and Child
Holding Hands

Lucy’s story


Women like Lucy are amazing and it is a privilege to help them.  Lucy who is not yet pregnant but ‘getting her ducks in a row’ because she has a long term mental health issue well managed by medication incompatible with breastfeeding.  Her call to MMBC was to ask about accessing breast milk for the first three to four months after birth.


We asked about changing to medications that could be taken with breastfeeding. Lucy had tried but the present regime was the perfect combination and we both agreed maintaining her own wellbeing was imperative to be able to properly care for her baby and herself.


We explained the potential for expressing colostrum from thirty- six weeks pregnant and storing it ready to give to her baby at birth with whatever she produced before using the donor milk from us.


Providing her own colostrum to her baby would give her a very real and personal connection as well as transferring critical antibodies and immunity essential to protecting the baby’s gut and establishing immediate and long term general health benefits. Lucy was excited about the prospect of doing this and was going to speak to her doctor.


Key to her determination to provide only breast milk was the hope that it might protect her baby from developing the mental health issues she has and she hopes to provide breast milk until she could introduce solids.


We promised we would help her understand how to express once she had clearance from the doctor and would provide information and support before and after the birth whenever she needed some help.

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