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Latest News!!!

"Mothers Milk Bank is now inviting mothers breastfeeding babies at any age to donate milk.

We are reaching out to Mothers’ who would like to  help the numerous sick babies and Mothers who need other mothers help."

A BIG thank you from the babies to the new donors registered this week!

We are still in need of more donor mums, if you know of a mum who you think may be happy to help please let her know.

Mothers' Milk Bank Charity (MMBC) - The Australian Breast Milk  Bank

The Mothers' Milk Bank Charity (MMBC) along with sponsors, The Australian Breast Milk  Bank  (ABMB) have been invited to join the YAAMA NGUNNA BAA.KA CORROBOREE FESTIVAL over three days 28th - 30th September.


There is a range of music and educational workshops programmed for each afternoon. The Mothers Milk Bank will involve their musicians as part of their Ruby Hunter project working with community through song to carry on Ruby's legacy to support First Nation mothers with diabetes and create a network of breast milk donors for mothers unable to breastfeed because of diabetes or other illness.

This event provides a wonderful opportunity to engage with First Nation families with the launch of the Ruby Hunter Concert shows, incorporating music workshops and the sharing of information. The Mothers Milk Bank Ambassadors/Artists all feel passionately about continuing The Ruby Hunter legacy to support First Nation mothers with diabetes.

The roving event includes riverside camping, free community meals and afternoon music workshops. It will be held from Saturday 28 September to Wednesday 3 October 2019. All dancers will perform from dusk each night moving through the townships of Walgett, Brewarrina, Bourke and Wilcannia, with a finale at Menindee Lakes.

Walgett – Saturday 28 September – Namoi River.

Brewarrina – Sunday 29 September – Barwon River at Doyle Street Park.

Bourke – Monday 30 September – 2CUZ FM at 1 Wangkumarra Drive.

Wilcannia – Tuesday 1 October – Reid St Park.

Menindee – Wednesday 2 October – Burke & Wills Campsite, Lake Pamamaroo.

We are pleased to be able to announce that we are now able to provide processed donor breast milk, with a shelf life with no expiry date. This health prevention initiative supports any mother with diabetes in pregnancy by providing donor milk "Just in Case" before and then after birth and is scheduled for release in January 2020. Mothers often struggle feeding their baby in the first week of life, due to the effects of Diabetes itself. Breast Milk is the healthy food that protects babies from diabetes.


The MMBC is proud to work with the following Artists/Ambassadors who have been long-time supporters of the Mothers Milk Bank.

Marcia Howard (Goanna Band/ The Voice)

Marcia was a member of the legendary Goanna Band during the 1980's whose song 'Solid Rock' was ground­ breaking. During this time Marcia  was  introduced  to  Aboriginal  Australia  and  this  connection  has  influenced her connection to place and is reflected in her song writing and academic work. Marcia has five solo albums.

Her songs have been recorded with many legendary artists including Irish singer, Mary Black. Marcia is an original, compelling and charismatic songwriter, performer and music educator who regularly takes vocal workshops. She hopes by sharing her deep love of song, she will help people embrace their own unique voice.


Nadia Sunde


A published picture book author and award-winning children's songwriter, Nadia uses her skills as a professional performer to engage children in a vibrant and interactive workshop full of stories, songs and loads of laughter.

She effectively uses drama, comedy and music as tools to activate children's imagination and creative curiosity. 'Nadia Sunde is the most intuitive performer/ storyteller/ singer that I have had the pleasure to  meet. The  kid's shrieks of laughter were a delight to me and the teachers,  and  all done with a sock and  a teapot! Nadia,  Houdini like, got a child who does not speak, to become a part of the storytelling. She's the benchmark that everyone else needs to aspire to. We want her back."      


- Librarian, Seven Hills State School.



Zardi is a singer songwriter with a voice of pure beauty, experienced in Jazz, blues and folk genres of music. Zardi has been a devoted volunteer with the Mothers Milk Bank since its inception.


The artists will conduct song and voice workshops, working with community, listening to the stories of country and working closely with local song women, 'the keepers of the songs' to sing up country! These workshops will be incorporated into the Ruby Hunter Concert Show.



"The Milk of Human Kindness: A Beauty in our Culture to be Cherished"

"The Artists for Change in Support"


In 2016 - 40,443 babies born in Australia who were at increased risk of developing childhood diabetes.


Only human milk can prevent & protect babies from this life long disease.


We have the potential to see 10,515 babies protected from developing the life long disease of diabetes.


A baby who has only human milk will be protected. The first week of life is a crucial time for these “at risk” babies.

The incidence of diabetes in pregnancy has increased from 3% to 13% in Australia.


This disease considered to effect mostly the First Nation babies has now spread across to the wider community with the 10% increase in cases reported.

With the support of “Artists for Change” and the music festival directors, Marea Ryan “Live Music” portrait photographer & event organiser has announced the first collection of One off signed “Artists for Change” live music portraits.


They will be released for sale on March 2nd at the first Music for Milk concert for 2019. Woodford Folk Festival Marea Ryan “Spirit of Woodford” award winner and Byron Bay Blues Festival in the VIP room.


A fault developed and with NO onsite after sales service, one of our dads, an engineer re-volunteered to resolve the problem. 

We apologize to all those families with sick babies in need, we had no idea it would take the company over three months to supply faulty part.

A huge Thank You to the MMB engineer Roger Brandon who donated hours of  his time and expertise to identify the fault, order the part and install.

The new  Beldico Pasteuriser is the first steam pasteuriser to be imported into Australia.

"There are many babies in urgent need of this life saving service."

Mum's push for national breast milk banks after death of premature twin. 


Yana Williams had never considered donating her breast milk, but she found herself with more than she needed after she gave birth to twins.

The mother of four, from Griffith in southern New South Wales, lost one of her twins days after giving birth and wanted to help mothers in a similar position.

"Being in a small country town, the midwives here were so amazed at how much milk I was expressing," Mrs Williams said.

"Every three hours I'd express 180 millilitres from each side.

"It was just too precious to waste and I know how important it is for premmie bubs."

Mothers Milk Bank Australia

PHOTO:  Yana Williams donated six litres of breast milk after losing one of her twins days after giving birth.    ABC NEWS: HANNAH LAXTON-KOONCE


Thank you to the minister of health Greg Hunt and our MP Karen Andrews for providing the Mothers Milk Bank with such needed funds $20,000 to help paying for the pasteurizer. 

Wow we are so close to paying this $71,000 machine off.


More pasteurized donor human milk for the babies in need!

Watch the presentation video here...



Woodford Folk Festival